Fort Wayne Indiana's Authorized American Landmaster Dealer


Do all of Country Cart go karts have speed control? Can parents slow down the go kart to a safe speed?

Yes!  All of our go karts do have speed controls.

All of the youth go karts have a mechanical device that you can simply adjust to the desired speed!  It is very simple.

The larger, faster go karts have a module speed reducer that you just plug into the electrical box on the engine.  This limits the speed to around 20 MPH.

Does Country Carts buy and sell used products?

Yes we do!  

Country Carts will consider buying back your American Landmaster product when the kids out grow the Go Kart.

Or, if you want to trade-in your older Go Kart for a newer model!  

What ever the reason, we will treat you fair.

Does my product that I bought from Country Carts have a warranty?


All of our new products have a very good warranty.

Our Go Karts have from a one year to three year warranty on the engines!

Engine manufactures offer different warranties based on the type of engine.

And, the Go Kart frames, brush bars, spindles and all components have a factory warranty too!

All of our Landmaster Utility Vehicles have a great warranty also.  Three to five years on all full size UTV engines!

And one year bumper to bumper on any full size UTV.


Does Country Carts sell fully assembled Go Karts and UTV's?

The answer is yes and no!

If you purchase a product from our showroom here in New Haven, Indiana (near Fort Wayne, Indiana),

then the Go Kart or UTV will be fully assembled.

If you live somewhere that requires Country Carts to ship the product to you, then there will be some 

simple assembly needed.  Nothing difficult, so don’t panic!


Does Country Carts offer "free" shipping?

No, we do not offer “free” shipping.  No company really does.

The old expression “there is no such thing as a free lunch” still holds the same meaning  today.

When a company offers you “free” shipping on a Go Kart or almost any product,  the shipping fee is really included

in the price that you paid for the product.

We could offer “free” shipping, but the product would cost $300 or so more!  You will see this when you

compare our prices to others who offer this so called great deal.

But, our shipping fees are very reasonable!  And our product prices are a great value too.

What is a "live axle"?

Go Karts and UTV’s being used on dirt that have a torque converter allows the vehicle to have a “live axle”.

Live axle is when both rear wheels are pulling (duel wheel drive).

This is ideal for driving off-road.

Country Carts sells Go Karts and UTV’s  that have live axles, and lots of power!

What is a "Torque Converter" that is used in Country Carts Go Karts and UTV's?

A torque converter is an automatic transmission that gives you a lot of power from your engine, which makes

it perfect for off-road.  Low gear for uphill and when going slow.  High gear for speed!  Two pulleys  (driver and driven)

and a belt make up the torque converter system.  This mechanism allows smooth automatic shifting.

Centrifugal clutches are good for racing type Go Karts on pavement, but do not allow as much off-road power.

It is important not to get these two types of clutch systems confused when shopping for an off-road vehicle.


Does Country Carts have a showroom?

Yes!  We have a large variety of Go Karts and UTV’s in stock, ready to go.

These are fully assembled for you to check out!

We sell kids off road Go Karts, and adult off road Go Karts too.   Country Carts has a large lineup of  Utility Vehicles in the showroom too.

We are located in New Haven, Indiana.  We would love to show you our high quality products!

Country Carts also ships all across the USA!  Our shipping prices are very reasonable.

Why does Country Carts sell only American Landmaster products? And what is a "LANDSTAR"?

The reason that Country Carts sells only American Landmaster products is because of their high quality and they are an American company!

Did you know that American Landmaster has been located in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1967!  Wow, that is a long time.  Over a million sold!

You don’t stay in business that long unless you are a very trustworthy company, and make a great product!

They started off as Manco Go Karts.   Then, several  years ago, Manco and Bristers (from Louisiana)  became one company, and renamed the growing company American Landmaster.  Same great product, and lots more to choose from!

“LANDSTAR” brand  is the name given to the Utility Vehicles (UTV’s).

What if my Go Kart or UTV needs parts or service?

Country Carts sells parts for all of American Landmaster products.

We also service everything that we sell.

If you do not live close to Country Carts here in Northern Indiana, we can find you a service center

near your hometown.

What does UTV stand for?

The letters UTV stand for Utility Terrain Vehicle.

Country Carts sells a large variety of  UTV’s.   Many are two wheel drive and others are 4-wheel drive, for plowing snow!

Some of our vehicles are battery powered, and even street legal!

Are these great products really made in Columbia City, Indiana?

Yes, they are!  American Landmaster recently moved their Headquarters to Columbia City, Indiana.

The UTV’s are manufactured right there, in a state-of-the-art facility!

American Landmaster believes in high quality, by loading these vehicles with

industry-leading components!